Zolid HT+ White 98mm Zirconia Amann Girrbach Dental Lab Materials CAD CAM

Zolid HT+ White 98mm

Amann Girrbach
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Zolid HT+ is a highly translucent zirconium oxide which combines high mechanical characteristics with outstanding aesthetics. At over 1000 MPa, its strength lies in the range of the proven Zolid HT zirconium oxide, however, the light-optical properties surpass those of the predecessor considerably. Even large, implant-supported structures with a gingival component radiate the vitality of natural tooth substance due to their high light permeability. Optimized milling processing results in even more delicate margin design, offering exceptional edge stability at the same time. The combination with the Ceramill Liquid "new formula“ staining solutions allows highly aesthetic color shade results corresponding to the VITA classical shade guide.

  • Full indication spectrum through high flexural strength of 1100 MPa
  • Top level aesthetics with natural look due to increased translucency
  • Optimized processing integrated harmoniously into the zirconium oxide workflow

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