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Digitize your practice with the SilaMill E4. You and your patients can benefit from restorations in just one session of treatment The new SilaMill E4 makes it so easy for you to get started with chairside production of dental restorations and gives you maximum freedom. Combine the SilaMill E4 with your preferred intraoral scanner, any CAD software and materials that are appropriate for your individual patients. The SilaMill E4 is the heart of your workflow and produces the perfect restoration for you. The integrated CAM software enables you to get started right away!


Developed and manufactured entirely in Germany, the SilaMill E4 guarantees impressive manufacturing results and optimum reliability. Despite its compact design, the machine comprises only high-quality industrial components in the housing. With a machine weight of only 28 kg and no use of compressed air, the SilaMill E4 offers maximum flexibility in terms of installation. You can set the SilaMill E4 anywhere.

True to the motto: unpack, connect, start milling!



(No compressed air required with the patent-pending AIRTOOL

(Machine design optimized for minimal weight

(Multi-compartment for cooling liquid tank or optional dry milling container

(Modular machine design to optimize servicing and maintenance Reliable

(100% developed and manufactured in Germany

(Optimum manufacturing results and high durability with only premium-quality industrial components Fast & precise

( 800 W 60,000 rpm spindle

(3 μm repetition accuracy

(Sturdy aluminum welded construction Independent

(DENTALCAM software with open interface to CAD software and materials

(Virtually any intraoral scanners can be used

(Grinds and mills almost all block materials up to 45 mm long from numerous manufacturers

(A full range of materials for glass ceramics, composites, zirconia and plastic

Wet & Dry machining

 Resin / PEEK

 Wax

 Zirconium oxide

 Composites

 Glass ceramic

 Crowns

 Bridge frameworks

 Inlays

 Onlay

 fully anatomical crowns and bridge frameworks

 Abutments

 Telescope crowns

 Veneers



4- # of Axis

A: + 190° bis - 10°-Rotation Range of the Axis

up to 60.000 U/min-Spindle Speed

360 × 370 × 490 mm-Dimensions

61.73 LBS

dry & oil free- Compressed Air Demand

12 months- Warranty

2500 l/min-Flow Rate Suction

10-35 °C-Room Temperature