The new sand-blasting unit of the basic series combines the increased comfort of top class fine sandblasting with the demand of the compact unit. Using one or two blasting tabs, all

sandblasting work can be carried out effectively and clearly. Available with two tanks.

        50/250       $813.98






Powerful-the economical blasting unit that grows with your needs. A flexible solution starting with 2 tanks, 25-50u and

90-250u, a third and fourth tank can be added as required with grain size of your choice. Patented mixing chambers ensure flow throughout.

  • Ample abrasive - 1.4 Kg., minimizes refilling Just 1 bar of pressure suffices for non-pulsating flow
  • Long-lasting nozzles of robust, hard alloys
  • Durable blasting hose of hard India rubber

    2 Tanks       $1402.24