Porcelain Accessories




Large porcelain mixing palette with moisture-retention function





Porcelain mixing palette with moisture-retention function. 30% smaller than the TROPICAL






Porcelain mixing tray with moisture-retention function and wells.













Composite stain


(clear) mixing









TAKANISHI brushes, size 1


TAKANISHI brushes, size 2


TAKANISHI brush, size 12


TAKANISHI brush, size 14


TAKANISHI brushes, size 2/0




KOLINSKY brushes, size 1








  • Ceramists have always chosen Kolinsky mink hair brushes because they have unique properties especially suited to the delicate work of precision porcelain building. They hold just the right amount of moisture for packing and with a flick of the wrist, they form a tight symmetrical bundle with a finely pointed tip.
  • For long life and light weight comfort, the Snapping Kolinsky has stainless steel spring and ferrule with an anodized aluminum body. Specify anodized aluminum color when ordering (color choice not guaranteed).
  • The stainless steel spring section lets you "snap" the brush tip with one finger. Excess moisture is driven out and that perfect Kolinsky tip is a natural

Snapping Kolinsky Brushes # 6


Snapping Kolinsky Brushes # 8