Mixing Trays



Tropical Mixing Tray

  • Large porcelain mixing palette with moisture-retention function.
  • A homogenous palette material capable of diffusion provides the porcelain with a continuous supply of the correct amount of fluid.
  • Three glazed wells for mixing liquid or stains

Tropical Mixing Tray




Tropicana with cavities

  • Porcelain mixing tray with moisture-retention function and wells.
  • 12 large wells for separate storage of porcelain
  • 7 smaller wells for small mixing amounts
  • 4 glazed wells (without moisture) for mixing liquid or stains

Tropicana with cavities





Simpliwet® Porcelain Tray

  • The simpliwet® tray and honeycomb insert create the capillary effect that continuously wets your ceramic powders providing a naturally stable balance of build-up liquid and ceramic
  • Throughout your working session, the simpliwet® maintains the consistent saturation that produces superior layer-to-layer bonding and reliable building techniques.
  • The simpliwet® will make your work simpler, easier and better! Perfect for spatula and brush building.


 simpliwet®  Master Tray


 simpliwet® Round Tray