Color Tone System


A World of Difference




  • Subtle mamelon effect.
  • In both upper and lower centrals giving an appearance of depth.
  • Translucent incisal edges.
  • In both centrals and laterals. Greater opalescence of laterals.
  • To add vitality and make the mouth appear more three dimensional.
  • Demineralisation points.
  • Placed in some of the teeth Out of every set to break up the uniformity.
  • Darker necks.
  • As the root of a natural tooth is darker than its crown so the neck of an Enigma tooth contrasts with its body.
  • Longer necks.

Many of the tooth moulds have necks which are longer and more naturally tapered than many denture teeth, allowing the simulation of gingival recession necessary to match adjacent natural teeth in partial



Enigma Denture System


It is impossible to overstate the importance of dentures to the wearer yet they remain one of the most challenging aspects of modern dentistry. The goal of prosthodontic privacy, when only you and your patient know they're wearing dentures, lie at the heart of the Enigma philosophy.


When Only You and Your Patients Need To Know They're Wearing Dentures


Enigma is a new line in premium denture teeth and gingival color tones. They are created using advanced computer technology, allowing for precise placement of multiple layer of color. The addition of opalescence and fluorescence to the tooth provide excellent vitality and allow the tooth to change color at different angles, as does natural dentition. The Enigma teeth are superior in hardness and durability characteristics as well.



Mould Chart

Available in Vita Lumin® Shades A1-D4 Plus a Vital Hollywood shade HB0



The enigma teeth
available in pairs

Allowing for a more custom design without breaking up whole cards.




Wide Range of Anterior Moulds

Within the enigma tooth range there are 7 square 'S' moulds, 5 oval 'O' moulds, and 15 triangular moulds. The latter are divided into 2 sub ranges with 7 moulds in the 'K' range having laterals with greater height to width ratios than in the 8 moulds of the 'D' range



Available in Vita Lumin® Shades A1-D4 Plus a Vital Hollywood shade HB0



enigma Chairside Assortment Kit (working mould guide)


Well defined points of initial contact between working cusps and fossae as well as defined excursive pathways between the opposing cusps ensure a stable denture and efficient mastication.
Enigma Posteriors have been designed with a 23 cuspal angle and comply with the above principles of occlusion. A well defined mastication zone and reduced lingual cusps increase tongue space and lower the occlusal forces